Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Masika typically doesn't speak to anyone except for Lakra. It's not that she dislikes them, she's just experienced some troubling things in her life. She'd rather not speak of them and would prefer to be left alone.

Lakra is the only one who can get any kind of conversation out of her and is the only dragon who knows of her past.

Occasionally she has nightmares where she whispers to herself "Liana. Liana i'm sorry. I'm so,so, sorry"

She enjoys staying in the Clan's library and enjoys reading horror stories, as if to pretend her own horrors were not real. She also likes anything the color blue and cute things.

She dislikes the Pearlcatcher's of the Clan for unknown reasons.

When pressed about a subject she does not wish to speak about she acts out violently and flees the situation.

Personality Edit

Masika is distant and mysterious to most of the clan.

She's a nervous and quiet dragon.

Relationships Edit

Lakra: Her mate.

Trivia Edit

  • She's bisexual
  • Her name means born during the rain
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