The Night Guard of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Originally hailing from a friendly Shadow clan, but with ancestral ties to the Red Kingdom, Meallan arrived unprompted in Plague territories seeking out his dragon's charge—which turned out to be his young uncle Ionatan, then a resident with the clan. Having settled into his new place, Meallan took up a position as one of the guard, defending his charge and his newfound home alike. Shortly thereafter, the beautiful Rathnait arrived on her own search and took up the clan itself as her charge; they struck up a friendship that swiftly developed into attraction, and she agreed to be his mate with alacrity.

Meallan's world was rocked with the advent of the Red Kingdom's Great Exaltation: Ionatan felt the call to the Plaguebringer's service, but Meallan did not. Remaining behind as his charge moved on to greater things, Meallan now preserves Ionatan's memory and the legacy of exaltation within the Red Kingdom.

Clan Role Edit

Meallan's primary role in the clan is as one of the lair's dedicated guards. Specifically, he guards the Red Kingdom throughout the darker hours, as, unlike the majority of his clanmates, he prefers to be awake and active during the evening and night. Since Ionatan's exaltation, he has also taken it upon himself to keep records of clan members who have likewise gone to the Plaguebringer's service, and has begun the extensive work of carving a memorial monument into one of the walls of the canyon leading up to the entrance of the lair.

Personality Edit

Meallan is serious, dedicated, and practical-minded. Having been the guardian of an enthusiastic spiral, he has learned to keep pace with the more energetic members of his clan, and has trained himself somewhat out of his natural reserve—though most of his interactions with the more talkative members of his clan tend to be tinged with a sincere but fond exasperation. He tends more towards restlessness than the average member of his species, especially since his charge's exaltation, and often goes on short patrols, joins the clan explorers as a bodyguard, or participates in the training for future exalts.

Relationships Edit

  • Rathnait: Partner and lover.
  • Grainne: Guardian of the lair and a colleague.
  • Ruarc: Clan guard and a colleague.
  • Naomh: Ruarc's mate and a friend.
  • Aoibhin: Clan mapmaker and a friend.
  • Somhairle: Clan explorer and a friend.

Meallan is bisexual.

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