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Having no parents creates two different kinds of dragons: dead ones, or ferocious and hardy ones. Midluna definitely falls into the second category. She has no memories of whatever clan spawned her and finds it no loss. Of course, finding herself alone in the Tangled Wood was a challenge at first, but she grew into it. That was the only option. Death was never a consideration for her. Learning to climb trees and test branches to sleep on, to hunt, teaching herself to fly and fish and run as fast as the wind; these were activities she engaged in to keep her mind off her absent parents. It wasn’t long before she stopped hoping they’d come back. She was alone, that was all there was to it.

Admittedly, her uncaring family coupled with the disdainful travellers who saw her as little better than a vagabond, didn’t instil her with the best sense of loyalty. Midluna grew up bitter, angry at the world and all of those senior to her who could have helped and didn’t. Adults – to her – are a hateful collection of selfishness. In an attempt to never become one of those things, she lays traps and pitfalls – some harmless and amusing, some dangerous – to keep herself entertained. She says it’s to maintain her youthful wilfulness. Others call her trouble, but she doesn’t mind.

When she was taken in by Ashton and Estella she was sceptical of them, wary of the whole clan. So often in her past she’d been seen as a problem in dire need of a solution that she’d become accustomed to the treatment. Running away from her new clan seemed like a grand idea at the time (and sometimes she still pulls a disappearing act to keep them on their toes) but she’s learning, slowly, to trust them. But developing a skewed sense of comradery with these dragons doesn’t mean she’ll learn to keep her mouth shut any time soon. Midluna still has the worst filter of any dragon ever and is not afraid to tell someone exactly what she thinks of them to their face. That’s why she’s not one of the ambassadors.

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Stubborn, childish, rash, fearless

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