Background Edit

Monachopsis was born with a blessing from the Plaguebringer herself. But although it was a blessing it feels more like a curse to Mona. From his scales ooze acid that slowly rot away his own scales. It’s a painful existence, but he has grown numb to it overtime. Dragons tend to avoid his touch, as they are afraid of being burned by him.

But as much as Mona hates his blessing he admits it has its advantages. The acid burns away all pathogens that try to enter his body, making him immune to all the diseases the Wasteland has to offer. And it wasn’t just a defense against pathogens, but the Shade as well.

He decided to join PASC to help in the battle against the Shade and to rid Sornieth of it. It can not harm him, so he approaches it with no fear. He is a Shade Killer and he can burn the Shade away with his acidic touch.

Personality Edit

He is big, and powerful, but yet also gentle when not attacking the Shade. He takes care not to burn dragons around him, and treats everyone with respect, even his Shade Killer partner, Evarado.

Relationships Edit

Evarado: Evarado was partnered to Mona, because he needed someone to hold him back from unnecessary violence, and there was no one strong or patient enough to hold Eva back except Mona.

Trivia Edit

  • Name meaning: The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.
  • Gay
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