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Morana has always been passionate about magic, so a move to the Starfall Isles from the neighboring Southern Icefield was something she planned to do as soon as she was old enough to leave the nest. She had heard Starwood Strand was the place to go to find inspiration, so she traveled from clan to clan exclusively in that region and cataloged their information on magic. She stopped at Ouahe Haimaz on her tour, but there weren't any dragons there that could share anything she didn't already know. Disappointed, she decided to rest for only a night or two before moving on to some other clan. Other dragons were still moving in and out of the clan though, and she would speak to them hoping that the time she spent there wouldn't be wasted. There were a few dragons who could tell her at least one new thing, and she realized that if she stayed then the knowledge would come to her.

Morana now spends her time interrogating travelers as soon as Candace finishes settling them in, and writing it all down for later.

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