History Edit

Mortimer is the eldest child of Percy and Penny. His childhood was rather uneventful as he switched back and forth from scientific discipline to scientific discipline.

Eventually, he settled on Astronomy and started planning a monument that doubled as a lunar calendar. His dream is to build this structure.

At some point, he took Polaris under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of Astronomy.

Personality Edit

Mortimer is extremely curious, especially about space. However, he spends so much time awake that he can get grumpy.

He's rather indifferent to political matters, and would rather work than focus on—what he's sees as—trivial matters.

Moments Edit

The Breaking Point Edit

While working with Polaris, Mortimer notices how distressed the younger dragon is. When Mortimer asks what's gotten into his former apprentice, Polaris voices his concern about the clan.

Mortimer assures him that there's only so much they can do, and advices him to make his own decisions regarding his behavior.

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