Clan Ula

Background Edit

Mosasaurus may not actually be Megalodon's sister, but it sure feels that way. She doesn't care if they didn't even grow up together, Mega is her sister and that's that. They've been through a lot together.

Mosa is the only dragon who actually saw the monster that attacked Mega. She says it was horrifying. It had eyes all over it's body, and blood stained teeth. It was black as night and all of these creepy fins on it. She had watched it claw Mega's eyes, blinding her forever.

It was the first she met Mega, and she had saved Mega's life them. She tended to Mega's wounds, and later helped her adjust to a world without sight. Mega is forever grateful for her sister.

Mosa was the first to receive Mega's gift. She was the first to feel the pain that it brang, but the result was worth it. Mosa loves being a merdragon.

She helps Mega with the things she cannot do, such as read and write, since Mega does not know brail. She and her sister are as close as any siblings with a healthy bond.

Personality Edit

Mosa is very caring, but can be fierce when she needs to be.

Relationships Edit

Megalodon: Sister

Trivia Edit

  • Named after an extinct ancient marine reptile
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