The Trail Keeper of the Red Kingdom.

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Muiris is one of the oldest members of the clan, having already been into his adulthood by the time Ruaidhri was born. His wandering route across the borders of Plague and Wind territories eventually brought him and his partner Muirne into contact with the Red Kingdom. Finding they liked the way things were run there, and enjoying the prospect of settling with a mixed-species clan, they altered their routes and elected to stay, though it's rare that they actually spend much time in the lair itself.

Over time, Muiris and his mate found themselves taking on greater leadership roles in the defence of the Red Kingdom, particularly as the clan and its political influence started expanding. They are formally classed as soldiers and hold a position of command over the Ogham Warband, though they rarely ever see combat.

Clan Role Edit

Muiris and Muirne, as a paired unit, make up the most important patrol around the borders of the Red Kingdom's territories. They are habitually away from the lair for weeks at a time, winding their steady, circuitous route around the entirety of the clan's lands and reporting any changes or significant happenings via messenger—usually one of the members of the Warband accompanying them, but they also meet up frequently with the clan's other soldiers and hunters. Muiris in particular is responsible for setting and maintaining their patrol route, as he has an unusually good and extremely precise memory.

Personality Edit

Dependable, introspective, and entirely unable to settle in one place for more than a few days at a time, Muiris is very much the typical example of his species in many ways. But despite all the time he spends alone with only his mate for company, he's actually quite social: he loves telling stories, enjoys physical affection, and is particularly fond of children. As one of the elder members of the Red Kingdom, he feels quite paternal towards most of the rest of his clan—even the rulers, who he treats with a respectful but somewhat avuncular affection. He and Muirne, after many years together and a well-worn companionship that has endured extensive solitude, are extremely close and comfortable with each other, and have been known to hold entire conversations in body language and facial expression.

Relationships Edit

  • Muirne: Partner and lover.
  • Rathnait: Clan gatekeeper and a colleague.
  • Eithne: Clan scout and a colleague.
  • Aislin: Clan ambassador and a friend.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a friend.

Muiris is bisexual.

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