The Trail Walker of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

One of the older members of the clan, Muirne and her mate Muiris had a meandering trail that crossed the borders of Plague and Wind territories, where Muiris originated. With the establishment of the Red Kingdom's borders along part of their route, they encountered the clan and its rulers, who were happy to let them continue their trail walking unmolested. Instead, the pair decided to join up with the unusual new clan, and altered their routes to take them along the borders of the Red Kingdom's territory.

As the clan and its influence grew and expanded, Muirne and her partner found themselves taking on an increasing role in the Red Kingdom's defence. Though they rarely participate in combat, they are now formally counted among the clan's soldiers, and hold a position of authority over the Ogham Warband, who make up the rank and file.

Clan Role Edit

Muirne, in combination with Muiris, serves as the Red Kingdom's first line of defence, patrolling the borders of clan territory to keep an eye on the surrounding kingdoms. They are frequently away from the central lair for extended periods, and send word of any significant changes or incursions by messenger. They are often accompanied by a small unit of the Warband, and frequently meet the clan's other soldiers and hunters on their patrol. Muirne in particular is a sharp-eyed and able scout, serving as the main tactician and decision-maker of the pair.

Personality Edit

Muirne is a solid, reassuring presence among the clan who takes a great deal of joy from making sure those around her are comfortable. She has a tendency to mother her clanmates when she's home, particularly the younger ones, but even the rulers are not exempt from her caretaking tendencies. For all that she's sweet, however, she's also very sharp, with an eye for strategy and a soldierly mindset. She takes an instinctive leadership role when in the field, and very little escapes her notice at home. Her long companionship with Muiris, and particularly the extended time they spend alone together, has made them extremely close, and they are perfectly capable of holding an entire conversation without saying a word.

Relationships Edit

  • Muiris: Partner and lover.
  • Rathnait: Clan gatekeeper and a colleague.
  • Eithne: Clan scout and a colleague.
  • Aislin: Clan ambassador and a friend.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a friend.

Muirne is bisexual.

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