The Primals

Background Edit

Murrma is an Oracle. A really good one too. Her primal abilities give her incredible insight into future events. But she might be a bit too good of an Oracle. She can't help but blurt out cryptic prophecies wherever she goes. Often times they are morbid and unsettling. It causes dragons to shy away from her. But Murrma doesn't care. She has always been too busy with her visions to care about other dragons.

The only things to have ever pulled her away from her visions and prophecies were storms. Murrma loved thunderstorms. she may not have been a Lightning dragon, but she found them fascinating, and calming. She received no visions or prophecies during thunderstorms and it was her one chance to have a clear head and to think about something other than the future. She would have stayed as her clan's Oracle if not for her love for storms. She felt a strong feeling to follow whichever thunderstorm was raging the most around Sornieth. She would trail storms and brave the Lightning because she knew that this was it. This was her Charge. Thunderstorms were her Charges and she simple could not stay an Oracle deep in the ocean. She had to stay on land and follow the storms.

Her clan tried to force her to stay. They refused to let such a gifted Oracle escape from their grasp. But Murrma was a large, strong guardian and she couldn't be held back from her Charge for long. She eventually broke free and happily followed her Charges until she bumped into Grim.

Personality Edit

Independent and reserved

Relationships Edit

Grim: She respects him

Trivia Edit

  • Name meaning: To walk along the water searching for something with your feet
  • Sapphic demigirl
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