Mydryin hatched from an egg in the barren Crystalspine Reaches of the Starfall Isles. She spent her childhood wandering, lost. The first dragon she met was a Tundra named Kir. They became fast friends. When Mydryin learned of the ruler of the land, the Arcanist, she gained a great respect for him, and had always wanted to serve him herself. However, she got a better idea. She convinced Kir to form a clan with her for the purpose of raising hatchlings to serve the Arcanist. Kir agreed, and the two formed a small lair.

Since then, Mydryin has also taken many other dragons into the clan to help her out. She enjoys the company.


Mydryin is a ferociously loyal lady. She's not afraid to fight, and she is pretty tough. Mydryin comes off as a little obsessive and a bit over the top, which is mildly true. She means well though, she just feels strongly about things. She is very brave, and will protect her clan to the end.


Mydryin serves as one of Clan Ethereal's two primary leaders. She's the more volatile, impulsive Leader of the clan. She has held this position since the birth of the clan. She is well respected for her role,


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