Background Edit

After living atop the Focal Point of Starfall Isles, Nagi promptly decided to take heed and leave, to see more of the Isles, if not the world and all it had to offer! Though quick to act on his 'grand plans' it was just as quickly cut short when he accidentally met Skyhold, as he was traversing the Starwood Strand. He almost instantly fell in love with her, and with that, offered to come to her own clan for a rest. The same night he decided "Well...... this wouldn't be such a bad place to settle in."

Shortly there after he became a member of the Starlight Dreamers, he and Skyhold became partners, and both act as teachers, he being a general magic studies teacher and helps his students understand the use and power of spells and just the usual arcanic properties of life itself.

Personality Edit

On the base, you could say he's like Farant, but a little more eccentric about his work concerning magic. He's easy-going for a teacher and friend but rather than in a calm and restful way, he's a bit of an explorer at heart, but he loves Skyhold so much it keeps his wondering spirit in check. Not that she's any better for wanting to explore Starfall Isles.

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