About Nana Edit

Nana is the founder of Denutena's Candyclan. She's a sweet, introvert girl, but a good leader, who is super proud of her fun and friendly Clan. As a leader, Nana only wants a few things: to make sure that everyone is happy, and that no one has to feel as lonely as she once was. Since Nana can be a bit shy, Hobo and Cookie assist her in leading the Clan. They have weekly Council meetings and monthly Clan meetings, though they are usually spent planning parties and activities, followed by catching up and having fun, since hardly anything ever happens in Denutena's Candyclan.

Background Edit

Nana doesn't have any parents, and she doesn't know where she came from. One day, the little Fae just found herself wandering around the Windswept Plateau, hungry and alone. She saw other Clans filled with dragons, all having fun together and enjoying each other's company. Nana wanted to join them, but felt intimidated by their numbers and size. Instead, Nana found a spot all to herself where she worked hard on building her own lair. It was quite a job, but she was happy with the result.

Exhausted, Nana decided to take a nap, when in barged a big, red Tundra dragon, who sat down in the middle of hew lair and proclaimed he lived here now, and that they should breed together. Nana was surprised, insulted, but most of all petrified. Scared of the big red dragon, she let him stay. This was the start of the friendship between Nana and Hobo, as well as their Clan. Denutena's Candyclan has grown quickly since, much to the delight of Nana.

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