The Twilight Spirit of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Naoise found their way into the Red Kingdom at the tail end of their species' first recorded winter breeding season, trailing in and setting up shop in the upper caverns with Cailte and Nuala en lieu of returning to their former hiding spaces. They prefer to be active on a crepuscular cycle, sleeping at night and during the day but rousing each dawn and dusk; as such, they are known more concretely to their clanmates than the older members of their species, and their flights from the lair and displays against the rising or setting sun are common spectacles among members of the clan.

Though they spent their first half year in the Red Kingdom without a mate, the arrival of Eibhlin soon saw the two of them falling into a familiar pattern modelled on Cailte and Nuala's relationship, and they remain a loving couple to this day.

Clan Role Edit

Naoise has imprinted most strongly on the magic-users of the clan, and as such has developed a remarkable set of talents of their own despite no formal training or natural inclination. Occasionally they assist with magical workings, lending raw power to precise rituals that they lack the know-how to set up themselves; otherwise, they spend their time in study, scavenging, or running useful errands for Caoimhe or Mathuin.

Personality Edit

Like the rest of the clan's Nocturnes, Naoise's personality is changeable and chaotic, and they frequently pick up new mannerisms or get stuck in a feedback loop with the others of their species. Their primary traits are drawn from the magic users of the clan, and they delight in mysticism and mystery; they are often enigmatic for no particular reason, on a wide variety of completely mundane subjects, much to the frustration and amusement of those around them.

Relationships Edit

  • Eibhlin: Partner and lairmate.
  • Cailte: Lairmate and friend.
  • Nuala: Lairmate and friend.
  • Caoimhe: Clan sorceress and a collaborator.
  • Mathuin: Clan magician and a collaborator.

Naoise is pansexual.

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