The Seeker of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Naomh was barely out of adolescence when she was abandoned by her former clan in the deserts of the Plaguebringer's domain. She doesn't know why—she remembers very little of the family and life she must have once had—but she can only assume that they believed she wouldn't survive the rest of the crossing, as she was very weak and sick when Ruarc found her.

Since then, she has made a full recovery, and has been happily residing with the Red Kingdom, and her rescuer-turned-mate, for some years. She has felt the urge to go on her Search for much of that time, but has stubbornly refused to be goaded from her adopted home even though she knows Ruarc would go with her if need be. Having lost her family once, she doesn't want to lose her second one. Instead she ranges far and wide across the clan's territory, but always cycles back to where she belongs.

Clan Role Edit

Naomh's exact role in the Red Kingdom is somewhat indefinite: in order to accommodate the only partially suppressed urging of her Search, she functions as something akin to an explorer, but she does not actively participate in the information-gathering or documenting carried out by the clan's other explorers. Instead she travels with them, willingly serving as their bodyguard and muscle in exchange for the freedom to move about clan lands and hunt for her charge. Via Ruarc, she also serves as something of a liaison to the soldiers, reporting on unusual activity worth investigating and occasionally carrying messages for them.

Personality Edit

Affectionate, demonstrative, and energetic by nature, Naomh is a huge contrast to her partner, Ruarc, and often spends considerable amounts of her free time and effort teasing or otherwise trying to get a reaction from him. She is equally open and friendly with the rest of her clan, and deeply attached to them all as her family; among all the members of the Red Kingdom, she is also one of those most likely to immediately warm up to new arrivals. Though the continuing mystery of her charge can make her restless, reckless, and a little bit edgy, she does her best to exorcise those impulses in her exploration, willing to trade the discomfort of setting aside her Search for the family she values.

Relationships Edit

  • Ruarc: Partner and lover.
  • Somhairle: Clan explorer and a collaborator.
  • Aoibhin: Clan mapmaker and a collaborator.
  • Eibhlin: Explorative mimic and a collaborator.
  • Meallan: Clan guard and a friend.
  • Rathnait: Clan guard and a friend.

Naomh is bisexual.

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