The Spy of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Neasa's personal history is as mysterious to the majority of the clan as the work she carries out in the Red Kingdom's service. Why a dragon hailing from a Nature clan was so willing to pledge herself to a Plague kingdom is known only to her mate, Ronan, her rulers, and to her few friends who serve in diplomatic or espionage-related roles. The subject of this closely guarded secret is a series of horrifying live experiments performed by her former clan, ostensibly in the service of creating a life unending that would be untouched by the ravages of decay. So atrocious were the results that her discovery of the deed led her to renounce her former element and embrace the philosophy of her one-time enemies, which she now found safer overall. She serves as a spy in order to give back to her adopted home and strike a blow against those she fled from.

Not long after her arrival in the Red Kingdom, she found herself (much to her bemusement) being courted by Ronan. Her acceptance led to her being adopted into the fold by his parents, Ciardha and Liadan, a greater welcome than she had at all expected. Though her work often takes her away from the clan for long periods of time, she is always eager to return and spend time with her family.

Clan Role Edit

In order to fulfill her duties as a spy, Neasa has also been trained as an ambassador and diplomat, and frequently travels with Aislin or other diplomatic messengers as a cover for her activities. She also engages in more traditional espionage activities, including stakeouts and longterm placement in areas of interest, and has even served as a double agent. She specializes in infiltrating Nature clans, but has been known to travel all across the continent. In addition, she also serves as a messenger for sensitive matters so urgent that Aislin cannot safely carry them.

Personality Edit

Reserved and highly principled, Neasa can at times come across as judgemental or harsh, but her occasional aggression comes from a good place. She believes wholeheartedly in the right of every dragon to live and die with dignity, and is prepared to take any necessary measure to ensure that—even ones so nominally unscrupulous as spying, deception, and the occasional elimination of specific targets. Though she knows herself to have no gender, she prefers to be known and thought of as female, as she finds it often leads her targets to underestimate her. Having trained herself to think like a spy, she finds it all too easy to compartmentalize and tends to assess everything around her as if it could be a potential threat, and sometimes has trouble shutting that part of her mind off—a function of both her training and her past trauma. Despite this, she has a wide circle of loving friends and family, and is learning over time to let herself relax.

Relationships Edit

  • Ronan: Partner and lover.
  • Cillian: Beloved son, and family.
  • Alastriona: Cillian's partner, and family.
  • Ciardha: Ronan's father, and family.
  • Mallaidh: Ruaidhri's consort and a colleague.
  • Isibeal: Clan diplomat and a colleague.
  • Aislin: Clan ambassador and a colleague.
  • Oisin: Eimhear's consort and a friend.

Neasa is bisexual.

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