There are no confirmed sightings of this witch, but many unconfirmed reports and she is widely believed to reside in spreadsheets and eat bits of coding. For this reason she is feared, and many superstitions aim to repel her, as the effects of her passage can be devastating.

Background Edit

Although few have seen this elusive dragon, and claims are usually met with deep scepticism, she nonetheless casts a dark shadow over the clan. Do not ignore your parents, or it may be your spreadsheets she next takes up residence in. Always eat what’s on your plate, or she might just start to nibble on your carefully composed formulae. Stay up past your bedtime? Well, now you’re just asking for her to shift your rows around and delete your most important cells.

All these statements are, of course, false: the spreadsheet witch does not discriminate. The best manners and most lovely disposition in the world will be of no help to you if your sheets happen to be in her path. She means no harm by it; it is simply her way to make a living. Would you really be so cruel as to deny a poor traveller a meal and a bed for the night?

Perhaps that was your sin.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a gen one.
  • The name Nefas comes from the Latin for something sinful or unlawful.
  • The lore idea came from a joke on Arcane slack about a witch hiding in your spreadsheets and destroying your hard work or making things not work for no apparent reason, and the dragon was then bought for the role.
  • The joke about false statements was entirely accidental, and only pointed out by a friend later.
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