Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Neith has a keen smell and a knack at finding things. This makes her the perfect hunter. She enjoys getting lost in the woods and following the trails of animals. She can be gone for days just because she had gotten so involved with her tracking. It's nothing to be concerned about because she always makes it back home.

She can be hostile at first and while hunting she's very furious. It's not recommended to interrupt her hunting. She may end up targeting you instead.

She can be difficult to befriend due to her hostile and hot tempered nature, but it just takes a little to get to know her. She can actually be pretty humorous at times, but be careful her sense of humor can be a little crude.

She used to be an atheist, but when she met the Lightweaver face to face she had to accept that the deities do in fact exist.

Her best friend is Tonatiuh and they like to joke and hunt together despite being so vastly different, but they grew up together and know each other well.

Her old nemesis was Bloodmoon. They grew up together and for some reason Bloodmoon had always hated Neith. When she first joined the Clan, Bloodmoon pushed Neith in a puddle of mud for no reason at all. This began a never ending battle of hate between the two dragons. They're always tried to one up each other, and each time they became more violent and crude. Neith is hiding some scars given to her by Bloodmoon's vengeance and Neith has returned the favor several times. However they had made one single agreement to each other: To keep their rivalry secret from Nightbane. No longer do the too dragons fight now that they live in separate clans.

Personality Edit

Hostile and hot tempered. She doesn't like to make friends, but she's humorous towards the few she has made.

Relationships Edit

Tonatiuh: Her best friend and hunting buddy.

Bloodmoon: Her former nemesis.

Trivia Edit

  • She's an aroace
  • She's named after the Egyptian goddess of the hunt
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