The Elemental Heir of the Red Kingdom.

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Nekane's true origins are shrouded in mystery to all but her acolyte, Oscar, who arrived at the Red Kingdom along with her. She speaks for herself only rarely, instead spending the majority of her time in meditation or advising the clan on spiritual matters; instead, Oscar speaks for her interests. He claims that Nekane is a living avatar of the elements themselves, the heir to a magical legacy that saw its power expanded exponentially as each new generation laid claim to the next element in the yearly cycle.

What Nekane believes herself is not known, but her power is undeniable, and so her arrival was greeted with reverance and joy by the Red Kingdom's extremely devout king and she was accepted into clan leadership as its resident spiritual leader and spellcaster. Though there were those who mistrusted her at first, they were eventually won over by her unfaltering presence, lack of self-interest, magical talents, and devotion to the clan that cares for her. Assisted by Oscar, who is both her priest and her consort, Nekane preaches a gospel of the unity and interconnectedness of all elements, a cycle whose end and beginning both lie in death.

Clan Role Edit

Nekane serves as the Red Kingdom's spiritual leader and and advisor on all matters relating to magic. Though she has no formal role in policy-making, she is considered one of the clan's trifecta of leaders, and Ruaidhri defers to her advice on any matter significant enough for her to speak up on. She also blesses and oversees those who wish to leave the clan and devote their service to the Plaguebringer, a position seen as worthy of high honours. Her title is one she arrived with, as recorded in the holy book kept by Oscar. She is aided in her teachings—and power—by the Elemental Messengers.

Personality Edit

Simultaneously deeply mystical and uncompromisingly harsh, Nekane has no qualms about doling out the difficult truths of the divine, and is always challenging her clan to improve their understanding of the cycles of life and their own spiritual development. Though she is frequently remote and unearthly, she is also startlingly empathetic and understanding, and not even those closest to her can claim to truly understand her. She is seen with a mixture of reverence and fear, and seems largely untouched by both. She speaks infrequently, but her words are always treated with the respect and severity they are due.

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Nekane does not have a sexual orientation by definable mortal terms.

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