Neria is the clan matriarch of Pergamon Mountain Clan. Her Charge is her clan and all the dragons in it. That is why she is personally on the front lines of a battle. It is her duty. But it's also the perfect excuse since she does love the thrill of the fight. Neria makes sure she spends at least some time training with each and every young dragon of the clan but the training of exaltees she does personally, all the way through.

With time Neria grew tired with her role as the leader of the clan. She briefly considered another Guardian, clan treasurer Kida, as her successor, but Kida's problematic personality made her hesitant to follow through with it. Instead she chose to set up a clan Council to deal with the day to day matters.

All of her children are promised to Arcanist from the birth because of an oath made out of gratitude. For what, she will never tell. There is only one exception, Rruu, who is her child with Garou, the old Tundra that has been there with her since the beginning of the clan. Her oath is not public knowledge but it's also not a secret so her decision to keep Rruu has caused a rift between her and Gianfar, the leader of the Aurigae, who views Neria's actions as betrayal and Rruu herself as ill omen. Neria's decision to move the clan to the lands of the Shadowbinder hasn't been popular either.

Charge Edit

Neria went out on her Search like all guardians do but what she found was not just one Charge but many. First she found Garou, a gentle Tundra with a skill for healing. Then a small pack of other dragons started to form around her and she realized the she was meant to protect her own. Eventually the pack grew to a proper clan and she settled them on a hollow mountain on Arcane, to better be able to defend them all. At first losing anyone was really difficult for her, as there weren’t that many. But with the current clan size new arrivals heal her soul quicker than the departing ones hurt it and she is quite satisfied and calm.

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