The Haven

Background Edit

Nidhogg was the least adventurous of nir siblings. Ne got scared easily and ne had always felt the presence of danger. Since a young age ne knew ne was unwanted in the world. Ne knew there were those who wanted to kill ne and nir siblings.

Nidhogg struggled gaining nir footing because of this. Ne wanted to hide behind Munin forever and never see the light of day. Ne wanted nothing to do with anyone else. Ne just wanted to guarantee Nir safety by hiding from the world. Nidhogg didn’t even want to explore Nir powers. Ne thought nir powers were too dangerous to mess with.

But ne eventually had to learn how to use nir powers, because they were out of control. Nidhogg would turn invisible without wanted to and didn’t know how to turn visible again. Ne would turn into other creatures while invisible too, leaving nir confused and a mess. And not only that but ne could see things that no one else could see.

Ne could see ghosts and that terrified nir to no end.

But with Munin’s help ne learned to control nir powers and to get used to the presence of ghosts around nir. Ne found out that unless they were poltergeist, they were harmless. Poltergeist were rare, and were often connected to a single object, so if ne ever did find one ne knew all ne had to do was to find the object it was connected to and destroy it.

Nidhogg still struggles on finding nir purpose. Ne doesn’t comprehend why ne exists. Ne doesn’t think ne should exist. Ne doesn’t think it’s fair to live in a world that actively hates nir and makes it harder for nir to live. Ne doesn’t blame Munin, but ne wishes that ne was never hatched.

Personality Edit

Timid and shy

Relationships Edit

Munin: Father

Marigold: Mother

Hugin: Sister

Baldur: Brother

Trivia Edit

  • Agender
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