Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

A daughter of the clan founders. She had an interest in someday leading the clan, but was told that it was her older sister's place instead. She never quite felt like she fit in the clan because of this.

Personality Edit

She was cheerful, but also a little selfish and self centered.

Relationships Edit

Clytius: Her mate

Nightbane: Her mother

Icetip: Her father

Future: Her older sister

Death Edit

During the Civil War, Clytius attacked Hecate. Hecate had powerful magic that allowed her to cast a protective barrier over the clan. When Clytius attacked her, he drained the magic from her, making the clan vulnerable to attack.

Clytius was going to finish Hecate off when Nightlight confronted him. She couldn't believe her eyes seeing her mate act in such a way. She attacked him, and they killed each other.

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