Clan Ton Theon

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There's nothing all that interesting about Nom's back story. He was just a normal hatchling in the Ice Flight who needed a good home, so Nightbane took a long journey to welcome him into her Clan. As she was heading to his location she rescued Whirlpool.

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Nom is a very playful dragon. He likes run around and hop on his stubby legs. He also loves to chew on things. Which is how he got the name 'Nom'. He'll eat anything from rocks to crabs. He just doesn't care.

Relationships Edit

Sapphiremoon: Nom was mated to Sapphiremoon, but their relationship was... complicated.
Their relationship started out healthy. Nom's silly attitude was enough to put a smile on even Sapphire's face. Nom hates to see unhappy dragons so he made it his goal to cheer Sapphire up. His kindness toward Sapphire led to them falling in love, and for a time they were both happy.

Until their first nest hatched. Upon seeing her hatchlings Sapphire grew violent, she couldn't stand to see her offspring 'infected' by Light eyes. Her children were children of the Light, children of the Clan that had imprisoned her. She couldn't stand it and tried to kill them. Nom managed to stop her, but it brought a strain to their relationship. Nom had to keep the hatchlings away from his mate, their mother, and keep them safe.

Nom probably should have broke up their relationship after that moment, but he saw her violence as a sickness that he could heal with his kindness. Their relationship has been like a dangerous dance ever since their first nest. On and off violence and bloodshed from Sapphire, only to be subdued by Nom. They had a few more nests, but each time Sapphire wanted nothing to do with them. She did not try to kill them, but still despised them all the same.

Eventually Nom understood that Sapphire could not be a mother and could not be his mate. He had to break up with her, but that hadn't stopped him from being kind to her. Unfortunately it seemed that Sapphire wanted nothing else to do with him.

Nom became an Immunist, a dragon loyal to Sapphirmoon, in an attempt to make Sapphire happy, even though he knew it was wrong of him.

Now that Sapphiremoon is dead, Nom has conflicted feelings. He misses her, despite all of the terrible things she did.

Stormyskies: His grandson

Trivia Edit

  • Theme song is Fornth of July by Fall Out Boy
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