The White Ghost of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Nuala joined the Red Kingdom shortly after Cailte during their species' first recorded winter breeding season; they quickly formed a bond with the older Nocturne that was based on the interactions they observed between mates in their new clan. Along with the clan's other Nocturnes, Nuala lives in the largely inaccessible upper reaches of the lair.

They are mainly active at night, which, in combination with their light colouring, has led to them being mistaken for a ghost on several occasions. They are viewed somewhat like a household spirit, and much of what the rest of the clan knows about them is intermixed with playful invention and deliberate mythologizing, which Nuala themself finds delightfully entertaining.

Clan Role Edit

Nuala has mainly imprinted on the clan's suppliers, and as such tends to fill a similar role themself. They have particularly taken a shine to fishing—even though they don't eat fish. They regularly take nets and other tools out at night in imitation of the fishers' daily activities, adding to the clan's seafood stores. They have also learned to apply the same skillset to catching bugs, taking advantage of their pale colouring and natural glow to attract the attention of insects.

Personality Edit

Having taken the clan's suppliers as their main source of personality traits, Nuala is often curious and venturesome, and not adverse to hard work. However, like all Nocturnes, their demeanour can be erratic and changeable, and they often pick up traits or get thrown into a feedback loop with the other members of their species whose living space they share. Of the suppliers, they have a particular interest in the Coatls; this has led them to the habit of humming in an unintelligible, if musical, imitation of that species' native tongue.

Relationships Edit

  • Cailte: Partner and lairmate.
  • Naoise: Lairmate and friend.
  • Eibhlin: Lairmate and friend.
  • Ciardha: Clan netmaker and a collaborator.
  • Ronan: Clan fisher and a collaborator.

Nuala is pansexual.

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