The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia
The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia

Eyes wild, skin scarred, expression lost- this is a dragon who has wandered far and found himself many times, only to lose what he'd found. A wanderer, a lost soul, mate lost to the cold expanses of the Southern Floes, children scattered to the wind, home a long forgotten term for which he yearns to find, remember and reclaim as his own.

He's tread through the tangles of the Shadowbinder's domain, pushed his way through the Plaguebringer's boneyard, inched his way across the Icewarden's snowy kingdom, lingered in the Lightweaver's ruins, and finally returned to the clan that had accepted him in the beginning, following them back to the Wyrmwound. 

He still feels dislocated, lost, however. Will he ever find his forever home?


  • Nuka is a 6 digit dragon
  • Nuka's bio was already present at the time of purchase.
  • The mentioned Plague clan isn't the Order but Thrawn's Lair.
  • He used to have two mates in the order consecutively, both of which were exalted after a while
  • I ruined his offspring list with 3 unnameds because I thought 7 gems was expensive enough to prevent a hatchling from being exalted unnamed ;_; never selling unnamed hatchlings again


  • Nuka's lore was written by Thrawn (#9939)

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