Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Obsidian is a quiet dragon. He prefers to listen rather than speak and when he does talk it is usually short statements.

He often lays in front of the Clan entrance and watches. No one tells him to do this, he simply does it on his own. He just sits and watches. He lets any Clan members enter and leave as they please, but whenever a strange dragon appears, he refuses to let them enter until a dragon he respects tells him to let them enter.

He is often emotionless.

Often younger dragons try to tease him. They try to anger him, make him laugh or even try to get him to blink. They attempt to distract him from his watching, but none have succeeded.

If any strange dragons tries to attack the Clan, they have to face Obsidian's wrath. He would gladly die protecting his Clan, so when he fights, he fights until the attacker his harmless or fleeing. He does not care how injured he is, if the attacker is still trying to harm the clan he will continue to defend until his dying breath.

He has high respect for Nightbane and her mate, Icetip and will do anything for them blindly, no questions asked. Even though he is now no longer mates with Gemstone and they live in rival clans, he still respects her.

Whenever a Clanmate returns to the Clan injured he often wants to find their attacker and kill them, and has to be held back by stronger dragon until he returns to his senses.

His familiar is named Sheen and he helps Obsidian to guard his Clan. He is loyal to Obsidian and Obsidian only and will do anything that Obsidian asks.

The clan's civil war was a difficult time for him and he did not join the fighting. The entire clan was his charge, so he was unable to choose a side. He just sat and watched in horror. In the end he decided that the dragons of Clan Ton Theon were the only dragons part of his charge.

Personality Edit

He is obedient and does what will protect his Charge. He's not one for conversation.

Relationships Edit

Gemstone: His ex mate

Trivia Edit

  • He's straight
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