Background Edit

Sesili and ZoheretLi were both born in the Starfell Islands but brought up outside of them-Sesili in Dragonhome and ZoheretLi in the Southern Icefield-and both yearned to go back.

They met not long after each of them had moved individually to the Starfell Islands and after finishing university they married and started their own clan, adopting two children to start with.

ZoheretLi died in a vehicle crash not too long ago, but Sesili continues to adopt and welcome wandering and hurt dragons into his home.

Geography Edit

The lair is situated in the Crystalspine Reaches, built close to the bottom of one of the Spines. Outside is a big balcony, the outer edges of which are constantly wet from children playing in the ocean.

Inside, tunnels stretch, leading to cozy big family rooms or smaller personal rooms.

Clan Members Edit

Sesili-Clan Leader

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