Ocelstin is the First leader of the Steelwings, and the reason for the name; her family has wings the color of steel. The word for what she is doesn't exist in greater dragonic, but in the Steelwing tongue, she is a Mnahrox, the first dragon of a clan, blessed by one of the eleven as well as a force greater than the eleven put together. Or so she says. She's not that religious, and some would consider her heretical. She would not correct them.

While Ocelstin is technically and legally the Matriarch of the Steelwings and that's all, she is also a very good assassin. She isn't well known, but to those who know her she's one of the best. Unfortunately, she favors her life and her own profit above actually completing the job, making it easy to pay her off to just not kill you... if you have the money.

Ocel is a good mother, training her children who leave and cherishing the two who didn't. She doesn't see the need to keep in contact with those who leave. After all, she didn't really have parents to give her an example. She has adopted the two other mirrors who have joined the clan, though Erucoute is much older than her!

She has a bit of a feud going with Laila. It's an interesting game, seeing who can influence the clan the most. Betty is winning.

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