Oden was born to a mercenary clan in the outskirts of the Scarred Wasteland. He was a rambunctious kid, picking fights with his nest-siblings and anything else that happened to be nearby. That included: familiars, live food, and even pieces of apparel if he thought they looked at him funny. He earned a nickname ‘Scrappy’ and years later the clan started joking that ‘Scrappy’ grew up into ‘Onslaught’, because Oden became the most bloodthirsty of them all. He kept getting involved in any battle or conflict he could, no matter if there was treasure involved or not. It came to the point that even his mercenary clanmates told him to chill out a bit with all that fighting, especially for free. But Oden wouldn’t hear of it. It was battle he lived for, the treasure was optional. Finally, his clanmates had enough of his unprofessional ways, banded together and dragged him out of the lair by his tail- literally.

Oden was unmoved. Who needed this bunch of weaklings anyway? But he soon learned that living alone in the Scarred Wasteland was harder than he thought, especially for a dragon like him- having no skills except for fighting. That finally made him rethink his attitude. He realized that the only way he could survive, is to offer his expertise to a clan that would take him in. After some considerable time wandering, Oden came across Order of the Colossus, that recognized both his strength as well as his newly-found humility.

Nowadays Oden serves the Order of the Colossus, employing his skills and vast experience in the clan’s armed forces. In fact, his experience far exceeds that of any of his superiors. It can’t be said that he is happy to take orders, but if there is one thing that he learned from his misspent youth, it would be that you take seriously what your clanmates tell you. If you value your tail, that is.

Trivia Edit

  • Scales gene was added
  • Oden is a 6 digit dragon

Credits Edit

  • Oden's lore was written by Voronwis (#226333)

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