The Guard Consort of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Typical of his origins in the Wind flight, Oisin was a wanderer before coming to his present home. He visited the Red Kingdom as part of his travels through the Abiding Boneyard; as time went on, he found himself increasingly giving excuses for why he hadn't yet moved on. Before long he found himself falling into step with clan life—and particularly with Eimhear, the mute queen of the clan, despite the fact that they couldn't communicate without an interpreter.

Without fuss, Oisin settled down to learning her personal sign language. Within a month of their first proper conversation, she asked him to be her consort. He has been a steady presence at her side ever since.

Clan Role Edit

As Eimhear's consort, Oisin occupies a prominent position within the clan. He serves as a confidant and aide to the rulers, as well as an impartial mediator for the clan when minor spats break out; he is also chiefly responsible for diffusing fights in the rare cases that disagreements become physical. Outside the clan, he serves primarily as Eimhear's personal bodyguard, as well as a more traditional door guard when such a role is necessary.

Personality Edit

Oisin is unfaltering both in loyalty and stability, and serves as a solemn force whose steadiness is trusted and relied on by the clan at large. He is rarely talkative or forthcoming with anyone but Eimhear, but the sight of him on watch gives confidence to all who know him, and even his presence is often enough to keep tempers cool and judgements rational. Despite his reticence and his chosen occupation, he is not mistrustful by nature, merely cautious; in private conversation, he often expresses a quiet, philosophical optimism that serves to bolster his clan as much as his guardianship does.

Relationships Edit

  • Eimhear: Beloved queen and consort.
  • Ruaidhri: King and Eimhear's platonic partner.
  • Mallaidh: Ruaidhri's consort and a friend.
  • Daire: Ruaidhri's bodyguard and a colleague.
  • Neasa: Clan spy and a friend.

Oisin is bisexual.

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