Orestes belongs to the Guard of Pergamon Mountain Clan. He has a reputation of a charmer, using his nightly guard rounds to upkeep several affairs. He used to be a Skydancer, but was cursed to a form of Tundra by someone he scorned, with the expectation that loosing his graceful looks would be the end of him. Surprisingly it wasn't. He was cursed with sacrifice magic which means he can't turn back with breed change magic. He has tried but the effects wear off in few days and then he is back to his hairy self. He has begrudgingly come to accept his new form over the years and refuses to let anyone know how much he struggled with it.

Of course, because of his fluff he might look like he’s friendly and kind, but he’s not. It was never his looks he used to charm others, male or female. He’s not malicious either. He just enjoys what life offers to him, and as he considers himself a mere pawn in the game of the greats, with no notable status of his own in the clan, he is of the opinion that he deserves anything he manages to get with his other qualities. He takes his nightly adventures as business, with services he provides paid with information, and while out loud he calls them lovers, to him they are actually patrons and he has no emotional ties to them.

There are already few dragons in the clan who will have nothing to do with him, like the very old fashioned Vergi and the clan treasurer Kida, who doesn’t trust that he’s not after the valuables in the clan hoard. Viriana refuses to shun him though, as he is in his own way part of the societies, which creates a bit of a tension with Vergi. He’s very good friends with Phoenicia, who recognizes in him something of herself before she found Wrena. His relationship with the Guard captain Eudoxia is complicated. Antagonistic might the word he would use, though he doesn't dislike her.

Orestes might be a Tundra but he has never really learned to utilize his sense of smell that well. He can smell things just as well as any born Tundra but he mostly just ignores it and isn't that interested in learning about the meanings of different scents. This is because he considers it to be too much work for little to no value, which is mostly a misconception on his part as a Tundra's sense of smell could actually be immensely useful for someone like him.

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