The Beloved Priest of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Oscar speaks little of his experiences before he met Nekane, claiming that he shed his old life when he devoted himself to her service. It is known that he originated with the Wind flight, and implied that he was neither devout nor honourable in his youth, but he declines to say more, preferring to leave painful memories to the past. Instead he considers the beginning of his life to be when he became Nekane's priest.

He travelled with her for some time before coming to the Red Kingdom, spreading her gospel and seeking a home with a clan who would welcome her. Since Ruaidhri's acceptance of them both, he has lived and served with the clan, always at Nekane's side. He speaks for her interests in more mundane matters, keeps records of her words and history, and accompanies her wherever she goes as her personal guard and disciple.

Clan Role Edit

Oscar's primary devotion is to Nekane before all else, and he serves her in her position as spiritual leader and advisor to the clan. Nominally, this gives him a status of similar weight to Mallaidh and Oisin, the consorts of the clan's king and queen, but he prefers humility, knowing that his power derives only from his beloved deity. In practical terms, he serves as a political advisor on matters related to spirituality, and oversees the training of those who wish to enter the Plaguebringer's service. He also practices a form of priestly divination, though he is not himself a mage. His title was granted by Nekane's word, and is one he had before their arrival at the Red Kingdom.

Personality Edit

A devoted priest, Oscar strives in all ways to be humble, thoughtful, wise, and a gentle guide to his clanmates in matters both moral and spiritual. With Nekane he is absolutely and joyfully subservient; with others, particularly when arguing her interests, he is firm, resolute, and nigh-unbending. Most never see any other side to him, which is his intention, but in private moments or the rare times he speaks of his past, hints of a teasing or even mischievous personality show through. He is comfortable and graceful with both serious and trivial subjects; when he has no serious concerns to attend to, he often enjoys treating frivolous religious questions with a solemn dignity, to the great delight and amusement of those who asked them.

Relationships Edit

  • Nekane: Beloved deity and centre of his world.
  • Ruaidhri: Respected king and a friend.
  • Seaghdha: Clan illuminator and a colleague.
  • Ailill: Clan counsellor and a collaborator.
  • Laoise: Clan caretaker and a collaborator.
  • Cianan: Clan lorekeeper and a collaborator.
  • Caoimhe: Clan sorceress and Nekane's collaborator.
  • Mathuin: Clan magician and Nekane's collaborator.
  • The Elemental Messengers: Nekane's entourage and spirit aides.

Oscar is bisexual.

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