The Primals

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Osorno thought smithing was his calling. It was what made sense to him. His parents were smiths, he was a Fire dragon, he was born in a volcano, and he was a Fire Primal. He was good at smithing too. It didn't matter what the materials were, his primal powers made it a breeze. He made a lot of money smithing items for both dragons and beastpeople.

But there was something Osorno was missing. He had no passion for his work. Sure he had the skill, but he hated smithing. It was only when he met Grim that he realized, he didn't have to be a smith if he didn't want to be one.

So Osorno retired his smithing business to find something that he liked to do. With his new found freedom he decided to try music. He bought a guitar and began to learn to play it. Soon he starting experimenting with other instruments, until he ended up with a little violin that he felt strongly about. it clicked that this instrument was his charge.

He only wishes he could play the violin.

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  • Name meaning: A stratovolcano in Southern Chile and Argentina, South America
  • Gay demiboy
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