Clan Lampsi

Background Edit

Panther, although they never have been to the Wandering Contagion, feels a deep connection to their plague cousins. They have always wanted to visit the Wildclaw population there, unfortunately that is not what fate had in store for them.

Instead Panther has ended up in the Light clan known as Clan Lampsi, where they are one of the clan's healers.

Panther's methods of healing are frowned upon by some and they are the least sought after out of all of the clan's healers. Dragons complain that Panther is harsh and heartless. Panther just thinks the clan likes to complain and doesn't know what's best for themselves.

They're sometimes called the 'witch doctor' due to their old fashioned methods of healing.

Panther uses the old methods and ideas of Humorism to heal.

Bloodletting is a common treatment that they like to use. And they tend to get creative with the tools they use to cause the bleeding. They might also enjoy this part a little bit too much.

But aside from the bloodletting they also use certain herbs to help balance their patients' humors.

Panther refuses to use anything to numb their patients' pain and they try to use as little herbs as possible for illnesses. They claim that they do this to strengthen their patients' pain tolerance and immune systems.

Personality Edit

Cold and unfriendly.

Relationships Edit

Wolf: Wolf particularly hates Panther's healing. Wolf doesn't understand why Panther can't just use modern, safer practices. Oddly enough despite how different and how often Panther and Wolf fight each other, they are mates.

Trivia Edit

  • They are pansexual and genderfluid
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