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Before coming to us, young Pearl laid a single egg that failed to hatch. Feeling intense shame over laying one egg and then losing that unborn
dragon, she slipped away from her icy home to roam the lands alone. Paisley found Pearl, shivering within an alcove at the base of our lair. He brought her inside to Saffron, who nursed her back to full health. Yet, even though her iridescent hide gleamed on the outside, Pearl remained heartbroken on the inside.

Weeks passed and Pearl regained some of her confidence while defending the lair from various creatures that roamed the Crystalspine Reaches.


An infant Skydancer arrived at the lair and Pearl took to him immediately. Naming him Mocha, Pearl cared for and watched the young chocolate dragon grow up before her pale blue eyes. He now fights side by side with his adopted mother, defending the lair.


Talori, a Shadow Pearlcatcher within the lair, caught her eye. They spent many hours together, and decided to share a nest. To Pearl's dismay, she again laid a single egg. All her previous fears returned. Talori attempted to comfort her the best he could, but the memories of losing her first unborn hatchling would not release its grip on her heart.

Pearl waited the hatching of this single egg. Hoping, all would be well and she could breathe easier once she lay eyes on her healthy hatchling. The egg rocked gently in the nest, until a tiny Pearlcatcher head appeared. Her newborn hatchling was healthy and alive. Pearl's wings began to glow in echo of her happiness. (Pearl's seraph was replaced with shimmer).


Not long after Lullabye's hatching, Talori made a sudden decision to leave the lair, in search of another. Though happy with a healthy newborn, Pearl was heartbroken over Talori's choice to leave. She has chosen to spend time with Endro clan, in order to feel the frosty winds of snow on her wings once again.


Pearl spent several months, refreshing herself in the Snowsquall Tundra. When she returned to Star Wood, the other dragons informed her they wished her to take over the vacant role, left by Saffron, of Clan Matriarch. Pearl was hesitant at first, but eventually accepted the position. Lullabye grew up beautifully while her mother was away. Cocoa then shared the happy news that Pearl's adopted son, Mocha, was nest-sitting with Chai at Greatwyrm's Breach. Does this make me a Grand-Dragon? Pearl wistfully asked and ruffled her wings.

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