Pergamon is of the Sentient Scrapdragon subspecies: a sentient collection of folded paper and research notes, in this case those notes belonging to Symphony. Nowadays they maintain the main clan library, which contains the collected notes of many scholars, as well as the history of the clan and each of its members.

Background Edit

Pergamon’s parents were bright and glistening, but when they hatched their body was made of soft paper and their wings rustled as they unfurled them. Abandoned by the horrified family, they were taken in by the dragon who believed himself responsible for their creation: Symphony. Formed from his research notes, they joined him in gathering more knowledge and helping him record it.

Soon, the Scrapdragon had taken over most of the organisation of notes and the collection grew enough for them to form a small library of sorts. This became their domain, and sights of them outside of it became increasingly rare. The collected study of the scholars of the clan, and from further afield, accumulated within those walls: topics ranging from philosophy to physicks to flying spells with a small probability of turning the desired target into a small alligator instead. One bookcase is covered in scrolls and tomes narrating the clan’s history, with individual books for each clan member lined along the top shelf.

They rarely interact with other clan members, other than to guide them to an appropriate work or to chase out the hatchlings. They seem only interested in the quiet obtainment of knowledge, and indeed some have speculated that this is their nourishment, as they seem never to eat or sleep like a regular dragon.

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