History Edit

Persephone was born to Fox and Kit. She grew up learning all their stealthy moves and tricks. These things fascinated her, and she grew closer to her parents than either of her brothers.

Under her parent's tutelage, she grew into a formidable force.

Personality Edit

Persephone has a lot in common with her father, but there are certain notable differences. She's a bit faster to anger and will often act before fully developing a plan, relying on her resourcefulness to get her out of tricky situations.

She can be pretty friendly and sociable when she needs to be, but she prefers her parent's company over anyone else's. As such, she's not terribly close to any of her clan mates except Kit and Fox.

Moments Edit

After the Incident Edit

Persephone and Fox are the first dragons to respond to the Incident. As they search for their attackers, Persephone ponders her suspicions. She's well aware of her and her father's skills, and she thinks how odd it is that attackers slipped past their notice.

She and her father discover the attackers are mercenaries, but they don't take further action beyond observation.

Fissuring Edit

After Kit reports what she learned from Lacy and Shepherd, Persephone voices her distrust towards Kennesaw. Afterwards, she goes off to follow her father's orders.

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