History Edit

Phinehas joined the clan as a hatchling. He saw Ash working on a contraption, and decided to help. He quickly befriended the young skydancer and soon joined the clan.

His friendship with Ash continued to grow into their adulthood, but Phinehas also began bonding with Garnet. He often volunteered for her patrols, despite not being a very good scout. Eventually, the two became mates.

Personality Edit

Phinehas is highly focused, especially on his work. He learned to channel his natural spiral energy early in his life, and has used that to his advantage his whole life. He takes pride not only in doing his work well, but doing it in the most efficient way possible.

This desire for efficiency often leads to a certain stoicism. When he's working he can tune out almost anything around him, including most social cues.

Though he isn't always very expressive about it, he cares deeply for his closest friends and family.

Moments Edit

After the Incident Edit

Phinehas's mate, Garnet, was among those seriously hurt during the Incident. Because he feared losing her so much, he began to agree with Tess's ideology and resent Flannery for—what he saw as—letting the Incident happen.

Tensions Building Edit

As Phinehas's doubts continued to grow, Ash began to notice. When he confided in his best friend, however, Ash seemed more concerned about Tess's radical opinions than the potential threat of another attack.

Because of this, Phinehas grew quiet.

Starfall Edit

During the discussion of the truce, Phinehas and his daughter, Penny, stand across the room from Garnet.

After the clan begins to celebrate, he joins Garnet on the other side of the room.

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