Beginning Edit

Phresh hails from a clan located near the Behemoth in The Viridian Labyrinth. Raised with her hatchmates, Rhiana and Tedo, Phresh set out from the clan early on in her life, feeling the tug to seek her Charge.

For a time, she stayed within the Viridian Labyrinth, seeking clan after clan to find her Charge. Once she realised that she wouldn't find it in her home Flight, she traveled to Earth Flight, then to Water Flight, before finally ending up in an Arcane clan for a brief time. It was there she was gifted the armor she wears, after finding the set abandoned in the corner of the armory. After restoring the rusted set to its previous shine and mending the pieces, Phresh realised what her Charge was. Her Charge was to train dragons, to help them realise their potential as warriors. From then on she wandered from Flight to Flight, clan to clan, training dragons where she could.

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