As a youngster, Piasa was always looking to pick fights with other dragons. She would fly off the handle at the slightest insult, not because she felt offended, but because it gave her an excuse to fight. She would not always win these brawls, and after she picked the wrong dragon to clash with and was thoroughly beaten, she decided that perhaps it was time to leave her clan and fulfill her childhood dream of being the head warrior of a clan.

After a few weeks wandering, she discovered the ideal clan. It was very small, made up of only four or five members, and better still none of them looked especially trained in combat. It would be easy for her to defeat any one of them, and surely such a display of strength would give the clan leader no choice but to appoint her head warrior. After making a few enquiries, she identified the clan leader, who it turned out was also the current head warrior, and confronted her, challenging her for the position.

Piasa was expecting (and truth be told, hoping for) a bloody battle to occur, but to her surprise the leader agreed instantly and granted her request on one condition: Piasa would accompany her to the coliseum to prove her skills. A formality, really. Piasa agreed and passed the test with flying colours. The leader welcomed her to the clan and congratulated her on her new position before slinking away into the shadows. Confused and slightly disappointed that she had been given the position so easily, Piasa followed her and once again confronted her, this time demanding a fight. Tiamat was forced to explain that she had no experience in battle, and that until Piasa had turned up the clan was more or less defenseless. For one of the first times in her life Piasa decided not to fight, instead taking pity on the young leader. She promised to protect the clan to the best of her ability, on the condition that Tiamat would undergo rigorous training in the coliseum alongside her. Sensing that this was the only way to avoid a beating, Tiamat agreed.






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