As a youngster, Piasa was always looking to pick fights with other dragons. She would fly off the handle at the slightest insult, not because she felt offended, but because it gave her an excuse to fight. She would not always win these brawls, and after she picked the wrong dragon to clash with one too many times, she decided that perhaps it was time to leave her clan and fulfill her childhood dream of being the head warrior of a clan.

After a few weeks wandering, she discovered the ideal clan. It was very small, made up of only four or five members, and better still none of them looked especially trained in combat. It would be easy for her to defeat any one of them, and surely such a display of strength would give the clan leader no choice but to appoint her head warrior. After making a few enquiries, she identified the clan leader, who it turned out was also the current head warrior, and confronted her, challenging her for the position.

Piasa was expecting (and truth be told, hoping for) a bloody battle to occur, but to her surprise the leader agreed instantly and granted her request on one condition: Piasa would accompany her to the coliseum to prove her skills. A formality, really. Piasa agreed and passed the test with flying colours. The leader welcomed her to the clan and congratulated her on her new position before slinking away into the shadows. Confused and slightly disappointed that she had been given the position so easily, Piasa followed her and once again confronted her, this time demanding a fight. Tiamat was forced to explain that neither she nor any of the other clan members had any experience in battle, and that until Piasa had turned up the clan had been more or less defenseless. For one of the first times in her life Piasa decided not to fight, instead taking pity on the young leader. She promised to protect the clan to the best of her ability, on the condition that Tiamat would undergo rigorous training in the coliseum alongside her. Sensing that this was the only way to avoid a beating, Tiamat agreed.


Put simply, Piasa is loud, brazen and overconfident. No challenge is too great for her, and if defeated in combat she will sulk for days. She has a firm belief that every dragon in the clan should have at least a little combat training, and attempts to enforce this on every new dragon that joins the clan. Consequently, she can be very intimidating to some of the more timid clan members, and her fiery temper does not help this. This may be part of the reason she has yet to find a long-term mate, however she denies this and claims that she has no interest in romance.

If another dragon shows any sort of interest in learning to fight, she will immediately act a lot more kindly to them, trying to entice them into joining her in the coliseum. However the minute they encounter an enemy she reverts straight back to her normal self, screaming orders at them and berating them mercilessly if they make the slightest error. Despite this, those who are strong-willed enough to endure her harsh training methods earn her undying respect, and often leave feeling proud of their new-found capabilities.


Secrety, Piasa is rather proud of her beautiful colouring. She would rather die than admit it though, as she believes dragons who care too much about their appearances to be shallow and boring. For this reason she wears no jewellery or fancy clothes, content with her simple linen wraps which provide some slight protection from scraping claws and piercing teeth, but do not restrict her movement the way heavy armour would. Her body is covered in scars from the various scraps she's had over the years, and she is more than happy to tell the story of each and every one of them to any curious hatchling who asks.



Obviously, Piasa's main talent lies in the coliseum. Her skills with magic are next to nothing, however this is more than compensated for by her mastery of fighting with nothing but teeth and claws. In addition to this she is rather skilled at devising tactics for a battle; without her guidance, many poor decisions would be made. Piasa is quite capable of taking on multiple foes at once and prevailing despite being incredibly outnumbered, however she prefers to fight alongside her friends, especially other mirror dragons. She is, without argument, the best warrior in the clan.


Piasa has never shown any interest in gathering, so it is difficult to say whether or not she would be good at it. If she were ever to join any of her fellow clanmates on a gathering trip, she would most likely insist on being part of the hunting party rather than anything else.




After an initially rocky start to their relationship where Piasa threatened to fight Tiamat for the role of training inexperienced dragons in combat, the two gained a mutual respect for eachother which evolved into a close friendship. Although they are from different flights and look nothing alike, the two began to consider themselves sisters and often fight alongside eachother in the coliseum. Coming from Piasa, this is the ultimate compliment.


Although Abzu prefers to break up fights rather than start them, he still occasionally accompanies Piasa on her trips to the coliseum in order to be polite. This gesture of friendship has not gone unnoticed by Piasa, and she makes sure to let him know that she appreciates him doing this but, unlike most other dragons, it is not something that she expects of him. In return, she will occasionally help him out with preventing arguments within the clan. The two have perfected their good cop bad cop routine; Piasa does the threatening, Abzu does the negotiating.


In an effort to recruit all the mirror dragons in the clan into her own personal army, Piasa began pressuring Umbra to fight alongside her rather than with his friends, Griff and Suryo. She was shocked when Tiamat turned on her and told her in no uncertain terms that Umbra should be allowed to fight alongside whoever he pleased, since Tiamat had never publicly displayed much affection towards her son. Nevertheless, she obeyed the leader's orders and left Umbra to his own devices. Despite this, Umbra chose to accompany her to the coliseum occasionally anyway, just not as often as she would like. The two enjoy spending time together.


Despite the fact that Eve shows absolutely no interest in fighting of any kind, Piasa appears to have grown rather fond of her. Others suspect that Piasa overheard Eve and Nym playfully ribbing eachother, but mistakenly believed that Eve was being serious with her insults. Given her intense dislike of the sly little fae, as far as Piasa was concerned any dragon who also disliked Nym was a worthy ally. Fortunately Piasa seems to have realised it was a misunderstanding and now refrains from badmouthing Nym to Eve. The two enjoy their playful banter together and, although she would deny it if asked, Piasa also enjoys listening to Eve's gossip.











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