History Edit

Pinya spent her young days play fighting, and surprisingly, actually fighting. When she was barely grown, which for a dragon as small as Pinya is not saying much, there was a beastclan attack on her native clan. Rather than fleeing with the rest of her hatchmates, Pinya jumped at an attacker, removing several ears and fingers.

From there, Pinya continued to be a fearless individual. She joined an Arcane clan after her siblings were sent to the Stromcatcher. It was there she found her calling as a standard bearer. Pinya would dart in front of the rest of her clan when there were were skirmishes with Beastclans; she would hail out the fighters before they marched into the unknown to gather supplies and fight monsters, sentient or no.

When there is nothing to fight, Pinya found her secondary job as an Ambassador. She would go other clans and negotiate with them; share information; help in times of distress. She finds almost as much joy in this as she does in proudly bearing the flags of her clan.

Personality Edit

With jobs such as these, Pinya must be fiery. She doesn't back down from anything. At the same time, she is gentle. She accepts everyone for who they are without asking them to change at all. Pinya is a set of difference that managed to become coherent in the individuality of Pinya.

Appearance Edit

Pinya makes Fae look big. Honestly, nothing of her measure more than a meter long. She is the most unsuspected dragon to be a standard bearer, yet there she is. Skinny, scrawny, yet always strong.

Trivia Edit

Pinya is Pan Pride dragon of the Night Flower Sect.

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