Background Edit

WIP - daughter of the clan founders who decided to stay and was therefore declared heir, began to feel restless and started training behind her parents' backs, current leader of the clan though she would prefer not to be

Personality Edit

WIP - assertive, level-headed, a bit rebellious, wants what's best for everyone, can be distant like her mother but is very loyal to those she cares about the most

Appearance Edit

WIP - on the small side but still fairly average for a Fae, more slender than either of her parents, wears pearly jewelry as a sign of her heritage

Abilities Edit

WIP - got her parents' gifts in magic, best at defensive magic but can launch powerful attacks if given some time, a natural leader with surprisingly good diplomacy skills for a Fae

The Shooting Stars Edit

WIP - explanation of the group will go here (how they started, what they do, etc)

Trivia Edit

  • Princess was born on April 5, 2015, a week before then anniversary of the founding of the clan
  • She is the only one of Laela and Solus' children to remain in the clan, the others have either joined other lairs or been exalted
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