Clan Ula

Background Edit

The water is all Puijila knows. She not a fan of the land and never will be. She prefers to stays in her seal-like form. Like all of the Ula dragons she can partially shapeshift, but unlike most of them she doesn't take a fish-like form. Instead she looks more like a seal. She grows whiskers, and a fuzzy coat to keep her warm. Her tail and back legs merge into flippers. She loves taking this form, but it puts her at a disadvantage compared to the other clan memebers she can't breathe under water like them. It's because of Puijila that the clan doesn't travel deep into the trenches in search for Mega's monster. She feels bad for holding the clan back.

She would ask for Megalodon to transfer her gift to her, but Puijila is afraid to. She knows that it will hurt, and she doesn't know if she could do that to herself. She's senstive to pain. Even the smallest cut brings tears to her eyes. But she stays strong for the clan. She's determined to help them hunt down this monster too.

Soon after joining the clan Mega took a liking to her. The merdragon queen likes to tease Puijila, but there's no malice to it. It's just her being playful and Puijila knows it. Mega reassures Puijila that she's not a burden to the clan, and that it's ok if she doesn't want the same powers as the rest of the clan. Puijila is thankful for this.

She gets her seal powers from her parents who are also shapeshifters.

Personality Edit

A sweetheart.

Relationships Edit

Megalodon: Her mate

Kronosaurus: Her other mate

Trivia Edit

  • Sapphic and polymorous
  • Named after an extinct seal
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