Lore Edit

It's said the first founders of the clan crashed into arcane territory on a meteor, infused with the energies of space itself. Regardless of the clan's true origin, they uphold the promise to discover all that they can about themselves, and the world around them.

They've lain their claim to a small fragment of the land of the starfall isles, with networks of caves and tunnels linking a small hub of activity together. While inside they continue to pursue knowledge of the world, taking in any like-minded creature who wishes to learn- dragon or not.

Pyxis bolide banner

Nature Edit

The dragons of Pyxis Bolide are inquisitive- they desire to learn more about the world around them. Their curiosity hasn't always been for the best- some deciding that dabbling in dark artes would be more beneficial than simple experiments- however, they hold no true alignment. The clan's leader, a Guardian named Nokto, holds only one law for her lands- that all who enter must contribute to the clan's wellfare, and all who refuse must leave.

As such, the clan is a refuge of sorts for many types. Dragons of criminal past mingle with priests and scholars, away from judgement of the world. Not many desire to start in-fighting- after all, those who do will likely be thrown out without a second thought. Peace is offered only to those who would uphold it, after all.

Clan Leaders Edit

The clan is lead by a council of 5 elder dragons; although they hold the final power of decision making for all major dilemmas the clan holds, all dragons are allowed to voice their opinions and share during clan meetings. It is only for matters of utmost importance that have split the clan that the council steps in, to make a final judgement call.

  • Nokto: Clan Matriarch
  • Chairon: Archivist
  • Setral: Main tactician and fighter
  • Seujuuro: Clan elder

Elemental Representatives Edit

Dragons of strong innate elemental ability often find themselves drawn to the lands of Pyxis Bolide, the willing nature of the clan being a platform for these dragons to expand their abilities. Despite they often not having the elemental alignment they were born to each one feels a strong attachment to a certain element. Joint representatives are often mates, although many arcane-affiliated dragons find themselves crossing through.

  • Lunartide and Daria: Joint Water Reps
  • Cinder: Fire Rep
  • Viridian: Earth rep
  • Polaris: Wind Rep
  • Nephrite: Nature Rep
  • Jasper: Plague Rep
  • Lorelei: Light Rep
  • Ferrum and Noire: Joint Shadow Reps
  • Maia: Lightning Rep
  • Argent: Ice Rep
  • Arca, Astral: Joint Arcane Reps
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