Personality Edit

Apathetic, calculating, cruel to most outside the cult. Manipulative to just about everyone, she’s not above selling others out.

Backstory Edit

Quinn was once a fae; purple hued with bright arcane magic. She doesn’t remeber much about those days, but she was raised well and with love. As she got older, she learned of different, darker magics. That pink was just a prettier shade of blood red, that the Shade was still out there, that there are ways to bind things more powerful then yourself to your magic. Quinn listened to these stories, and her curiosity led her on a hunt to learn. She travelled from clan to clan, picking up what she could before moving on. Eventually her travels led her over the boarder to Plague. It was here she died and was made better. Nobody has gotten a clear answer of what happened, but it’s not out of keeping an air of mystery, it’s that she isn’t sure either. All that’s known for sure is that she went in a fae, and came out something else. She looks like a wildclaw as long as you don’t stare to hard. Her once bright colors, are now dull, and fading in some places. Her magic, once the bright glowing pink of arcane, is now a stickly yellow, as if it itself has a disease. There’s something under her skin, something dark that pulls at her being. Those in the cult know it’s a part of the Shade, a silver but still powerful. If you paid attention, and if you cared, you’d see that it looks like she’s rotting away from the inside out, like a black hole has taken up a place deep inside her and is draining her. If you paid attention, and if you dared, you might bring it up with her, tell her your concerned. If you did, your worry might spike as she laughed at you, a cold sound that seems to seep into your bones. She’d smile at you, mouth full of sharp teeth and eyes bright. She’d tell you that all things have a price, and that it isn’t her that’s rotting away. You’d start to ask a question, but she’s already slithered her magic under your scales, the black hole inside her sapping away your life. If you paid attention, if you saw, you’d realize that everyone in the cult seems half dead, like they’re orbiting a dying sun that takes life instead of giving it.

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