The Gatekeeper of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Rathnait arrived from a distant Shadow clan not too long after the establishment of the Red Kingdom. She was on her Search and followed it unerringly to her new clan, which itself became the object of her protection—both the members of the Red Kingdom, and the lands thereof. She took up a position as a guard almost immediately, her sharp assessment of the clan's defences and the newfound protectiveness that came with finding her charge leading her to form a swift picture of the clan's weak points. She rapidly moved to cover them.

Equally rapid was the romance that blossomed between her and Meallan, at the time the only other guard who was concerned primarily with defending the clan rather than the lair itself. The attraction between them was immediate, and their courtship practically whirlwind; within three weeks of meeting they had declared each other as mates, and have been singularly devoted ever since.

Clan Role Edit

Rathnait's primary role in the Red Kingdom is to serve as guardian of its gates: it is her watchful eyes that decide who is allowed entrance to the canyon that conceals the lair, and she who keeps track of all traffic in and out of clan lands. In addition to her day to day work, she also serves as the primary strategist of the guards, ensuring their watches run on a reasonable schedule and that all areas of significance are being covered. She is always in search of ways to improve the safety of the Red Kingdom.

Personality Edit

Rathnait is vibrant, lively, and thoroughly dedicated to the protection of the clan. Her passions live close to her skin, and she is very self-assured, moving through life with the absolute certainty that she is capable of achieving whatever she sets her mind to and that events will always see themselves through in her favour—and, more often than not, she's right. She is nearly always on the move, always working to improve their defences, and often has to be made to sit down and relax for a while, but even that never lasts for long. The only one of her clanmates who can reliably get her to slow down is Meallan himself.

Relationships Edit

  • Meallan: Partner and lover.
  • Grainne: Guardian of the lair and a colleague.
  • Ruarc: Clan guard and a colleague.
  • Muiris: Clan patrol and a colleague.
  • Muirne: Clan patrol and a colleague.

Rathnait is bisexual.

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