Clan Lampsi

Background Edit

No one knows where Reed came from.

He showed up one day at Seeking Clan's entrance shivering despite the sunny weather outside. He claimed he wanted to rest inside, but Obsidian would not allow it since he was a stranger. But Nightbane had allowed the mirror too enter. She had asked if he was ill. In response Reed only told her that he was terribly hungry.

Nightbane allowed him to eat, but Reed's hunger was enormous, even for a mirror's. It seemed like his hunger was never ending, and the more he ate the worse the shivering was. Eventually Nightbane was forced to take the food away from him, or else the rest of the Clan would not have enough meat.

Reed asked if he could move into the Clan, and reluctantly Nightbane agreed, though she was suspicious of what his intentions could be.

He makes many of the other dragons uncomfortable with his shivering. He claims that he can never get enough heat no matter how long he lays in the sun. He is always cold and always hungry. When he looks at other dragons its as if he is looking beyond them, like Reed is in some dreamlike state.

When asked questions about his past he shakes his heads and whispers. "Too much. Too much." There is another odd thing about him. He never raises his voice, only whispers. He always whispers.

If another dragon happens to touch him, all they feel is cold. Rumor is it that Reed is a ghost, sent to haunt the Clan.

Reed is even hungrier and colder in Clan Lampsi. Here he has been banned from eating from the food stores. There's too little to go around without Reed's gluttonous behavior. He relies on Sievers for food, as well as warmth. The sun has been taken from him and he now has little energy.

Personality Edit

Quiet and hungry.

So very hungry.

Relationships Edit

Sievers: His mate

Trivia Edit

  • Hatch date is Dec 02, 2013
  • He's pansexual
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