A Mirror dragon born into the Kalma Clan. He is the son of Merrick and Ariana, and brother of Kitty and Brenna.

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Reiko has the Carmine Tiger and Blood Seraph colors and genes. His Sky tertiary has the Spines gene. He wears the Crimson Rogue apparel, except for the mask, hood, belt, and cape.


Reiko as a hatchling.

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Plague Arc Edit

Reiko is the first of three surviving hatchlings from Merrick and Ariana's five-egg nest.  Upon maturing, he and his sisters, Kitty and Brenna, formed a Passage team.  They fought through the Training Fields and Woodland Path easily enough, but took a break when Kitty was injured in the Scorched Forest.  After Kitty and Brenna had a chance to breed the siblings resumed the Passage, passing the Sandswept Delta.


Reiko with his first set of apparel and basic genes.

Before they attempted the Bamboo Falls, Reiko and the sisters were informed of Merrick and Tyra's deaths.  Decilla visited them, admiring Reiko and Kitty's red colors, while singling Brenna out for being white.  This did not sit well with the siblings, as they loathed the way their mother had treated Tyra.  Decilla then eyed Reiko as a potential mate, but he vehemently refused.

Reiko was part of the team that went to rescue Orphne when she was captured by the Beastclans.  His Passage was still incomplete when Orphne found a cure for the Plague.

Fae of Light Arc Edit

Reiko, Kitty, and Brenna continued their Passage.  When the Serthis attacked the lair at night, Shayla was the one to warn them of what was happening.  Reiko and Kitty then split up to fight back.  Then the clan succeeded in driving the Serthis away.

When Reiko and the sisters fought in the Waterway, they found a Light Fae named Liora locked in a cage.  After defeating the Maren that had captured her, they brought her back to the clan.

When Erebus attacked the clan and destroyed the lair, Reiko fled with his siblings.  Their whereabouts are still unknown.

To be updated as the story continues...

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  • Reiko's hatchday is November 2, 2014.
  • Reiko, Kitty, and Brenna are the second set of triplets to have two similar siblings and one different (the previous case being Ariana, Sterling, and Tyra).  In this case, Reiko and Kitty are reddish colored Mirrors, while Brenna is a white Tundra.
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