Sainthood Edit

It is unsure entirely where the saints originate, or what determines their rise to sainthood. Truly, these were extraordinary dragons in life. That much is certain, but little else is. Those who rise to become saints often do so after a life of great living, of great change. These are souls who have molded the world with their own hands and will do so again and again.

Known Saints Edit

Saint Ajun of Sunlight and Gold Edit


With a body made from molten gold and wings of flaming feathers, Saint Ajun is a bright figure in the publics eye. He brings warmth to the people, chasing away the eternal chill that presides in the Icefields, and manifests the sun. He is also known for his blessings of wealth, for conjuring fortune to those who deserve it. His kindness is boundless, many say, and his wisdom is often sought out in times of need.

Those who pray to Ajun are often troubled enough to deserve his guidance. His devoted are dragons who love the daylight, who would spend the day basking in the rays of the sun and seeking its warmth. They are dragons of quick minds and fast fingers, with coin in their pockets and a vision for the future.

Saint Khodall of Labor and Metal Edit


Born of lightning, Khodall is everything the dragons within the Flame Quarter embrace. He is boundless energy, endless strength. His creations are legendary and magnificent, long-lasting and a marvel to behold. He is the saint of struggle, of hardship, of reaching the goal just beyond the top of the hill. He rewards those who work hard and helps those who need that helping hand.

Khodall is often patron to those with a hunger within them. Not a hunger for food and drink, but for growth. For success, for a hard days work. Those who pray to him want to build and create, to leave a legacy behind with physical items.

Saint Qildona of Sanctuary and Drink Edit


Saint Qildona is said to have known much suffering in her life, and in the absence of happiness she created comfort for those around her. She is a beacon for the needy, for where she goes rest is sure to follow. Qildona is the saint of home and hearth, of a place to lay your head and drink your wine. She is a warm cave in the midst of a snow storm, a trickling stream in the heat of a desert.

Those who pray to Qildona often have little else to pray for. She offers the thing all living things deserve, and to not have it is to not live. Those truly devoted to her must have known a life of hardship, a life when all one wanted was a warm place to sleep and something in the belly. It is these ones that Qildona loves.

Saint Vyone of Justice and Truth Edit


Although a frightening sight to behold, Saint Vyone is the very saint that divides the civilized from the unlawful. In truth, they are only a terror to those unwilling to adhere to the basic rules of living. Those who lie might have Vyone cursed upon them, that Vyone’s all-seeing eyes might pierce the souls of those with wretched intentions.

Vyone is often the subject of great debate. There are those who pray to them because they believe in being lawful, in justice and doing the right thing. Guardsmen and councilmen might conjure their name in times of need, when Vyone’s guidance could be used to illuminate a tricky situation. Others pray to Vyone because they believe that Saint Vyone might be the saint of justice and truth—and, beyond that, lawfulness—but that to know justice is to embrace the chaos it wards off. These dragons wish to know that chaos, and to know Vyone’s relationship with it.

Saint Oses of the Sea and Plague Edit


Born of the sea, it only made sense that Saint Oses would return to it. He rules the tide and, allegedly, the storms that can change it in a second. Oses himself is an unbiased soul, for the ocean is uncaring and impassive, so he must be too. And, although not a Plague dragon himself, Oses is also the saint of sickness and death, of plague that creeps in the night.

It is debated where Oses stands to the public. The things he presides over can be cruel and unforgiving, but the sea is also a great beauty and the source of life itself. What would we be without water? Those who pray to Oses due so without expecting any aid from the aquatic saint. To conjure Oses’ name is to do so as a final prayer, a whispered apology to the sea and the world when a storm or plague devours you.

Saint Theldas of the Harvest and Life Edit


A dragon of humble origins, Saint Theldas radiates life amidst the snow storms and permafrost. They are the green that sprouts in the night, the animals that burrow deep in the snow for warmth. They are the food that is coaxed into the full flush of prosperity to be eaten and grown again. Theldas is beloved for their gift, the endless offering to dragonkind that is food and life.

Many pray to Theldas. They are the root of all of Sornieth, the heart of the world. Their generosity is without end, and when they answer prayers they do so with great affection. Theldas protects all, loves all, and wishes only for the things they create to be loved in turn.

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